Surf Boat Competition

Nearly 100 years ago, the surf boat was seen as a symbol of the early surf lifesaving movement, with surf boat crews taking to perilous ocean conditions as a last hope for those in need of rescue yet too far from shore to be retrieved using the traditional belt & reel of that era.  Surf boat crews proudly wore the mantle of being the strongest, the braves, the fastest and, in true Australian fashion, it wasn't long before competition between clubs emerged to put these claims to the test.

Modern lifesaving, whilst carrying on the legacy begun all those year ago, utilises vastly different rescue methods, training and equipment than our predecessors did in those early days, and whilst the advent of inflatable rescue boats (IRBs) may have consigned surf boats to history as a rescue craft, the intense competition between clubs in the surf boat category is as strong as ever.

The Altona Lifesaving Club fields both mens and ladies teams in various surf boat competitions and at differing age groups (based on combined crew age) with competition occurring at a range of locations around Victoria.

Surf boat rowing is a challenging yet exciting competitive sport which provides significant strength and fitness benefits.  If you're interested in giving it a go, contact

Check out the  to find out more about the Australian Surf Rowers League, the representative body for surf boat rowing participants, from their website.  

 Surf Boat

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