Pool Competition

The Victorian Pool Competitions are held during the winter months, generally from June through to September. This is timed to coincide with the off-season for regular life saving activities, both competition as well as patrolling responsibilities.

During this period there are a combination of Junior & Senior Carnivals being held on most weekends.

Competition is open to age groups from Under 8s through to Masters and events include races with obstacles, manikins, ropes and rescue tubes, and a number of team related disciplines. 

Altona LSC field a significant contingent across both Junior & Senior competitions and across all age groups up to Masters.

Depending upon the number of competitors and the level of interest, training sessions may be available to assist with fitness and race preparation leading up to these competitions.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact our Competition Manager to discuss.

Reference Handbooks

For more information on the competition series including events and rules, please feel free to download the following competition handbooks:

2016 Winter Pool Competition - U8 Team

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