In addition to our core mission of beach patrols and surf education through our Nippers program, Altona LSC supports the development of members through participation in a number of life saving competitions across a range of disciplines.

These include:

  • Beach competition: Sprints, sprint relays, distance runs, beach flags
  • Water competition: Swimming, board paddle, ski paddle
  • Pool life saving competition: Rescue tube tow, mannequin tow, line throw, obstacle swim, other swimming events
  • Surf board rowing competition: Both bay and surf beach rowing as well as sprints and endurance

Summer competitions are comprised of Junior Competition, Senior Competition and Surf Boat Competition, whilst competition heads indoors during the winter months with the Life Saving Pool Competition series.

More information is available for each of these competition areas in the Competition menu of this site.


As part of our focus on supporting our next generation of life savers to develop the physical and mental skills and knowledge required to be our leaders of the future, the club has structured a training program to assist in 

This program is undergoing a significant overhaul for the 2016/2017 season and more information will be provided shortly.  In the meantime, for more information on competition and training at Altona LSC, please contact our competition manager here.


Competition Training 

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