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Approximately 17% of the population of Hobsons Bay live with a disability of some sort. This represents more than 15,000 people and, whilst this may take many forms, the biggest challenge for the vast majority of people living with a disability is attempting to live a normal, engaging and spontaneous life in a world often designed by able-bodied people, for able-bodied people.

Altona Life Saving Club is proud to have partnered with Hobsons Bay City Council to trial the use of a beach accessible wheelchair for visitors to Altona beach during the 2015/2016 summer period.

The trial was designed to provide access to Altona foreshore's beach, water and facilities to members of the community with permanent or temporary disabilities who may otherwise have had difficulty in doing so.

The beach wheelchair itself is a 'Sandcruiser’, recommended and approved as a beach mobility aid by the Disabled Surfers Association of Australia. It is ideal for people who have mobility limitations, including those with permanent disability, temporary disability or those with reduced mobility due to age.

The trial was an overwhelming success with strong positive feedback from users encouraging the continuation of this service.  ALSC have offered our support to make this happen.

Some of the media relating to the trial:

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