Becoming An Age Manager

Our club is run entirely by a small group of dedicated volunteers who give of their own time in order to provide the very best possible Nippers experience for our junior club members.  We don't need everybody to be an Age Manager but the more people we have prepared to help, the better the experience is for the children participating!

Most Age Managers are not seasoned life savers, in fact most have no experience with surf life saving activities at all.  Instead, many are just normal mums and dads who get involved to support their children to benefit from the physical activity and participation as well as the invaluable surf/water safety education they receive - all important parts of the Australian life saving way of life.


The Role of The Age Manager

Age Managers are responsible for the care, safety, well being and development of junior life savers.  They are responsible for facilitating the teaching and development of surf lifesaving skills (physical skills and environmental awareness), as well as promoting confidence, teamwork, leadership and more.

During the course of the Nippers sessions, Age Managers will deliver (or help to deliver) the content of the learning program whilst working with other Age Managers and parents helpers to maintain appropriate levels of behaviour and engagement.

Where you as an Age Manager don't have the required skills to comfortably or competently instruct junior members on a particular event, you may need to utilise other resources available to you within the club in order to assist you to deliver the lesson as intended.


How The Club Can Support You

Understandably, many people are reluctant to get involved fearing that a lack of knowledge or past experience in life saving will limit their ability to be an Age Manager, but this couldn't be further from the truth!

To address some of these concerns, we're proud of the support structure we've established for new Age Managers to ensure they have a chance to ease in to the role whilst acquiring the knowledge required to provide our Nippers with a fantastic experience.

All new Age Managers will typically be supported in one or more of the following ways:

  • Allow new Age Managers to observe or assist an experienced Age Manager to run an age group for one or more sessions.  The experienced Age Manager will demonstrate what to do and how to do it, explain each step along the way what is happening and why, as well as provide the new Age Manager with an opportunity to lead portions of the session plan.
  • Once new Age Managers start to actively lead or manage age groups, an Age Manager Presenter or experienced Age Manager may provide coaching prior to and/or after the conclusion of the session to discuss the effectiveness of the session and any concerns the Age Manager may have.
  • Once a new Age Manager is functioning as a full time Age Manager of an Age Group, an Age Manager Presenter will spend time observing the Age Manager, their management of the age group and their delivery of the session plan and provide constructive feedback on areas of opportunity, as well as provide support for any other areas the Age Manager may have concerns.
  • Assign a youth member of the club to each age group to support the Age Manager in the capacity of Age Manager Helper, Junior Coach or Water Safety person.  These youth members are often current or former competitors at inter-club carnivals in one or more of the event disciplines being conducted during typical Nippers sessions and have the technical skills to be able to support new Age Managers to ensure appropriate learning outcomes are achieved.


The Accreditation Process

The process to become a Nippers Age Manager is extremely simple:

  1. Register with the club as a member
  2. Complete your Volunteer Working with Children Check (WWCC)
  3. Register with SLSA via their online portal
  4. Complete the online Age Manager training course and print and return your completion certificate to the Junior Development Manager
  5. Undertake coaching by an experienced Age Manager during the current Nippers season to gain practical on-the-beach knowledge of how to Age Manage
  6. Have an Age Manager Presenter sign off the practical skills sign off declaration and submit to receive your accreditation 

There is also the option to complete the Age Manager course as in a face to face session from time to time.  Contact the club for more information about this.


How To Get Started

If you can't wait to get started then you can dive right in to the online course within minutes by downloading the following guide which provides instructions on how to access and complete the online Age Manager training course.

One you've completed this, simply email the completion certificate to together with your name and contact details, along with the age group you are interested in helping out with and we will be in touch to discuss.

If, on the other hand, you have concerns or questions, please contact either Aaron or Travis to discuss these.

Aaron Hunt

Junior Development Manager

0417 773 898

Travis Theodore

Nippers Coordinator

0400 068 634







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