Photo Galleries

Each year a number of our members take lots of photos of various aspects of club activities and, to recognise the fact that many of our volunteers are simply unable to take photos when participating in and supporting these activities, we encourage you too to take photos and share them for the benefit of your fellow members.

Imagine you are a volunteer supporting the Nippers program as an Age Manager or as Water Safety.  How are you going to hold a camera, take photos and direct, coach and support the children in your group at the same time?  In short you're not, so unless somebody else takes a photo of your child, it's not going to happen.

Since the 2012/13 season we have been keeping a collection of images covering some of the following aspects of club life:

  • Nippers
  • Wye River weekend (our unofficial season launch social weekend in October each year)
  • Junior Competition
  • Senior Competition
  • Pool Competition
  • Patrol
  • Social Events
  • Club Presentation Days/Events

If you are a budding photographer and are attending some or all of the above, we encourage you to take photos of the events and all participants and share these with the club to be made available via this website throughout the season.  Contact Aaron Hunt at for more information on how to share your photos with the club.

UPDATE (18/9/2017): The image galleries for the 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16 & 2016/17 seasons have just been completed and information will be made available on how to gain access to these in the next few weeks.


Photography Guidelines

The ALSC guidelines on photography include:

  • Only club members (all of whom are required to hold a valid Working With Children Check) are allowed to photograph or video children during club events.
  • No inappropriate images or video may be made of any club member at any time
  • Images of members should not be shared on social media platforms unless approved by that member or, in the case of junior members, by that member's parent or guardian


Information on Photo Galleries

Our photo galleries have been compiled for the benefit of members.

To protect the privacy of you and your children, only other members are permitted to access the photo galleries contained and all access requests are subject to approval after being checked against the club membership database.

The images you are shown on the screen have all been watermarked with the ALSC logo, however members are able to download the original full sized image (there are many high resolution images to within the galleries), however it is important to note the following conditions when downloading photos:

  • Members are asked not to download any photos in which they or their children are not present.
  • Members are expected not to share these images on social media platforms unless all senior members or the parents/guardians or any junior members consent in advance
  • Members should be aware that to promote strong child protection standards, the username, IP address, time & date and image filename/number of every full sized image downloaded will be logged by the club






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