Nippers Competition

Life Savers engage in regular Surf Sports competition to develop and maintain their skills and fitness for their life saving and patrolling duties. Competition is both fun and fierce, conducted in the highest standard of sportsmanship. 

For the Nippers age group, this begins through the Junior Surf Carnival series which provides a fantastic way to get our junior competitors actively participating in sporting competition whilst developing their fitness and life saving skill sets.

Perhaps the most important factor of Junior competition, is that surf sports go hand in hand with our Junior Development Program, as it helps our Nippers with their understanding of surf conditions and safety in and around the water. In the big picture, we hope that competing in life saving as a sport will create for our Juniors a lifelong love and passion for, and participation in, all aquatic recreation and leisure activities.

Surf Carnivals

The Victorian Junior Surf Carnival season begins in December and culminates with the Junior State Championships in March each year. Across the 8 carnivals there are many individual events that may be contested at each carnival, although programs will vary at each.

Individual Events:

  • Surf Race
  • Wading Race
  • Surf Board Race
  • Ironman/Ironwoman
  • Beach Sprint
  • Beach Flags

Team Events:

  • Surf Teams
  • Wade Relay
  • Beach Relay
  • Board Relay
  • Aqua Cameron Relay
  • Belt and Reel

Carnival Entries

An entry fee of $23.00 per nipper per carnival is applicable. Parents are required to complete an entry form with evidence of payment (or cash) and drop it in the entry box before a nipper will be entered. Payments can be made via cash, bank transfer or by credit card by going to go to the Members tab (2nd from the right), select Club and Member Resources, in the Quick Links table select Payment Gateway. Once there choose Altona as your club, select membership/carnival fees as the Transaction Type and follow the prompts.

Entries close on the Sunday before the carnival. If you have been entered in a carnival and you are unable to attend you need to inform the Competition Manager before the carnival or you will still be required to pay the entry fee. It is very important you inform the Competition Manager of your child’s attendance as it affects entry fees and the number of officials and water safety we need to provide.

Victorian Championship entries are $35 per nipper.

Competition Evaluation

To compete in water events (swim, board and iron) at competition carnivals all nippers must successfully complete the ‘competition evaluation’. The ‘competition evaluation’ is an open water swim (U9-U10: 150 m and U11-U14: 288 m). Nippers need to swim continuous freestyle, no rest stops, in a set time. All U12-U14 competitors are required to complete the ‘competition evaluation’ to be entered into any event (including flags and beach sprint/relay).

Altona also require nippers to show their competency in waves if competing at surf beaches. While nippers may have achieved their ‘competition evaluation’ in the still bay conditions, this does not mean they are competent in surf conditions. A number of competition training sessions will be run throughout the year both in the bay in afternoon choppy conditions and on surf beaches. Your child will need to be able to display sufficient surf skills to be permitted to compete in surf conditions. The decision as to whether or not your child can compete in surf conditions will reside with the Competition Manager and Competition Sub-Committee.


For the 2018/2019 season there will be some significant changes to the competition training program in order to provide appropriate support, training and development to the ever-increasing numbers of junior competitors.

Leading up to the commencement of the season, more information will be communicated in relation to:

  • Training commencement dates
  • Training schedules and expectations
  • Team introduction session
  • Information session for new competitors
  • Coaching team
  • Carnival age managers

Should you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please contact the Competition Manager to discuss.






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